How to make your site more attractive on Google?

Having a beautiful appearance in search results is one of the most important demands of website owners. In order to increase the attractiveness of the website, there are several methods that can be used as needed. One of these methods is the use of structured schema data. But what are the schema marking codes? How to add a layout to a site to give it a more attractive look? What do you need to do to build the schema code for your website? Our goal in this article from the Fa Host Knowledge Base is to provide a comprehensive and appropriate answer to these questions. So if you want to know how to make your site more attractive on Google, join us at the end of this article.

The topics covered in this article are as follows:


What is Eskima Marking?

Schema markup is the data that you provide to search engines as a set of code to make it easier for them to understand the content of your website. In order for search engines to be able to read this information correctly and display it in search results, you must use the schema code correctly.


These codes are located in by default . It offers a set of Eskima tags that you can use to specify products, scoring, Q&A, movie screenings, and more. Search engines have the ability to read these schema codes and can display them properly in their results. This will increase the attractiveness and beauty of your website in the results.

Why does our website need schema?

If you identify products, events, scores, or any other important feature of your website using structured data from, search engines will understand your website more accurately. This is because the schema markup tells search engines exactly what each section of your website is about. As a result, search engines no longer need to guess and easily display content to Internet users according to these commands.

On the other hand, you should note that the more attractive and optimized the way your site is displayed on Google, the higher your website traffic and views. Because internet users are also looking for a website that can get them what they want quickly. Nothing better than schematic bookmarks can get users to conclude that your website is exactly the option they should click on.

The role of schema in SEO

Using structured data is just like telling a long story in a few short, key sentences. For this reason, adding Eskima to the site clearly plays an important role in SEO. Using schema markup directly may not improve your website ranking but indirectly make your website a better search result.

As mentioned earlier, by using Eskimo markup you help search engines to read and display content on your website more easily. In addition, users' attention is drawn to the attractive appearance and category of your website. As a result, your reputation among potential users and customers will increase. So both the click-through rate of the website increases and the bounce rate decreases appropriately. Google also sees that your website is attractive enough for users. So you can easily get the basic search results.

What is the clickthrough rate or CTR?

How to display site information box in Google results

You will be able to display your company information in an information box alongside Google search results. This box is known as the Knowledge graph. The knowledge graph is actually a large block of information displayed to the right of Google search results. In this chart you can see different information about a particular search. Because Google selects the information shown in this graph by examining the content related to a specific topic. For example, if you search for a Fa host name, you can see the related knowledge graph to the right of the search results. Normally, you can see the most important and basic information about a particular topic in the Google Knowledge Chart. As you can see in the image below, the information box contains the following:

What are the types of schema markings?

When you use schema markup to make it easier for search engines to understand your website content, they will make up for it. Many webmasters have noticed this and have used this structured data for their website to increase targeted organic website traffic. But we will definitely see more Schema tagged websites in the near future. One of the reasons given for the importance of structured data in the future is to add it to Google Search Console. In fact, there is a section called enhancements for analyzing any schema in Google Search Console.

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Here are some of the most important schemas that can be used to display in search results:

  1. Breadcrumbs
  2. Corporate contacts
  3. Carousel
  4. Logos
  5. Sitelinks searchbox
  6. Social profiles
  7. Articles
  8. Books
  9. Course
  10. Datasets
  11. Events
  12. Fact checks
  13. FAQ
  14. How-to
  15. Job postings
  16. Local businesses
  17. Products
  18. Q&A pages
  19. Recipes
  20. Reviews
  21. TV & movies
  22. Video

1. Add a sketch of the site guide to Google results

If you use structured breadcrumbs data, you can show your users the path your website has taken to get to the screen. Using this structured data, in addition to being attractive, will make the visitor remember a positive user experience of your site.

Report site guide path (breadcrumbs) in search console

2. Display company contact information in Google search results

With the help of this structured data, you can add your company contact information to Google Knowledge Panel. This way, when a user searches for your name, your phone number will be displayed. In this way, you can provide accurate information about your business to your users directly. This is very practical and will get the user to their destination quickly.

It should be noted that there is no need to use Eskima markup to display company information. Because this information is automatically displayed by Google.

3. Structured data slider in Google results

Marking carousels means displaying rich results in a sequential list or gallery. The Skima carousel is also known as a carousel slider. Most of the time, the carousel displayed by Google can support articles from a single site, known as the host carousel slider.

But another way is to show articles related to several publishers , in which case it is seen as Top stories. This schema will perform better when combined with other structured data such as Articles, Recipe, Course and Movie.


4. Sketch site logo next to Google results

Skima logos will allow you to display your website logo in Google search results and knowledge charts. This gives you the assurance that your company logo will appear in search results whenever possible. All you need to do for this structured data is use the schema markup you want on your website.

 Insert the logo next to the site link in the Google results


5. Internal search markup code in Google results

Another structured data that can be used for your website is called the schema searchbox. Using the Eskima searchbox tag, you can also have the ability to search your site internally in Google search results. In this way, the user can search for the desired phrases in the searchbox of a website and find out if the desired content is in it. In this way, he will reach his goal quickly. You also have a second chance for a visitor to enter your website.


The reverse mode of the above theorem is also possible. You can also add Google search to your WordPress site. Using it instead of using WordPress search, you can search in WordPress using Google . In this way, a better search on the site can be done for users.

6. Marking social media profile schemas

View social media profiles in Google results: Another schematic tag that can be used is to display information about corporate social media profiles. This information will be visible in the Google Knowledge Panel.

Keep in mind that there is no need to use this markup anymore. Because Google will automatically find and display your social media profile on your website. So it is better to create the relevant accounts and insert their icons in the appropriate sections of the site.


7. Article code marking in Google

Display of article titles in Google results: Schema of Articles or article type can be a news or part of a research. You can differentiate between a news article, an IT article or even a blog post. When you use schema markup for your articles, the content is displayed in Top Stories Carousel format with rich results such as titles and larger images. This makes the articles more attractive to the visitor.


8. Schema Book Review on Google

Ability to buy books from Google results: Skima BOOK is an attractive markup language. By using book markup, you will be able to enable your users to purchase the book they want directly from the same search results. This book can be sold in hard copy or as an e-book. They will even be able to borrow the book with the BORROW feature.


9. Schema markup training courses in Google search results

Websites that offer training courses can make a list of these courses and display search results using the schema markup. This structured data can include the course title, its presenter, and brief descriptions of the courses offered. In this way, users will have a deeper understanding of the course offered.


10. Skima specialized search of articles in Google

On September 5, 2018, Google unveiled its new service called google datasets search. In this new database, you can view academic studies and scientific articles. Now if you use different structured data when presenting your website information such as title, description, author and such, it will be easier for users to display the data and find it.

In fact, Datasets is a very attractive feature for websites that provide scientific and research articles.


11. Mark events in search results

Another schema markup feature is the ability to provide a list of specific programs and events. This is called Schema Events. Websites that organize specific events such as concerts or art festivals can take advantage of this feature. Using Schema Events, the history of all upcoming events is displayed in a Google results by a website.

Through Eskima Events, you can display the event, its date and time in Google search results. This will increase the user's ability to click on the relevant link in an interesting way because it is closer to the user's search goal. This schema is very useful for concert websites or conference centers.


12. Scheme rejects or confirms the theory of persons on the web

Another popular schema used on the web is called Fact checks. If you have dedicated a page on your website to review claims made by others, you can use ClaimReview structured data. With this schema, you can display the claim, the name of the claimant and your opinion about the claim in the form of Fact checks. This schema is used to republish science as well as challenge individuals.


13. Subtitle markup language in Google search results or FAQ

The Schema FAQ contains the most frequently asked questions and answers among the audience of that article. You write each question as well as the answer separately and display it in Google results using structured FAQ data. This schema is now abundantly seen.

Insert the logo next to the site link in the Google results How to create subtitles in Google results


14. Sketch step-by-step tutorials for Google users

Sketch How-to is also included in Gutenberg Editor. With the help of structured how-to data, you tell the search engines directly that in this article, you have been taught step by step how to do a task. In this schema markup you show each step individually in the search results. You can use videos, images and text at any stage. This attractive sketch is very useful for displaying the article briefly and step by step.


15. Schema display job opportunities in Google results

You can provide a better job experience for job seekers by adding structured data to your job opportunities page. Using Eskima job posting, the job for which you are looking for qualified people will be properly displayed in search results. You can even ask third-party companies to display your job ads using this schema in search results.

Job postings schema is very useful for websites such as job search sites, job search and job opportunities display.


16. Business information markup code in Google search

Local businesses:  With this schema, when users search on Google, the details of the business that matches the search are displayed to the user. With the help of structured local businesses data, you can inform Google about working hours, different parts of your business, user feedback and the like.

Using the Local businesses markup language, you can have a box as a display of company or business information in Google results. In this box, information such as company address, staff working hours, phone number and are displayed.

Learn to display business location information


17. Ability to display website products in Google search

By adding Eskima markup codes to your product pages, you can instruct Google to display detailed product information in rich results. Information such as product image, price, availability, user feedback, and the like can be displayed in Google results as structured data.

Product Schema is one of the best markup languages for displaying more attractive products on store websites. In this way, you can display your products to visitors in a different way and encourage the user to click on your link.


18. Show frequently asked site questions in Google results


Schema Q&A pages are used when you want to answer a series of frequently asked questions of users directly in the search results. This way, the user will get a direct response by viewing your website link in a Google search.

In fact, Q&A pages are a series of web pages that display information in the form of questions and answers. Keep in mind that Q&A pages are different from FAQs.


19. Show attractive cooking recipes for cooking sites

Structured recipe data for culinary websites can be very useful. Using this schema markup, you can provide your instructions to users in a convenient way. Eskima Recipes typically include information such as user ratings, cooking times, preparation methods, and nutrition information. By clicking on the Show more option, you can see more instructions related to the search.

An idiom markup language for culinary websites. With this more interesting markup code, you can expose the website's educational recipes directly from Google search results.


20. Starred plugin in Google results

The user feedback section or the rating they give to your website and the content within it is another schema marker that you can use. With this structured data, users can see what comments have been posted to you so far and what other users have rated your content on average. This is the average score of 1 to 5 stars.

The popular Reviews schema is used to star content in Google search results. In this way, by giving you points, users will make others click on your link with more confidence.

Starring WordPress content on Google


21. Display top videos in Google search results

TV & movies is another interesting structured data and is known as movie and serial carousel. Using the video demo display schema, users can search through the list of videos related to a category and find the option they want. In this carousel slider you will see information such as details about the movies, their names, information about the director and related images.


22. Display site video in Google results

The starting point for people entering the virtual world to watch movies is a Google search. While Google automatically seeks to understand the content of your video, it is possible to use Eskimo markup code to better understand it. Video Schema allows you to display the videos you want to preview in Google search results. In Skima video you can see information such as description of the movie, its upload date, movie time and other similar items. The image below is a demo of the video insertion scheme in the Google search results.

Schema Video is very attractive and useful for educational websites, movie and serial websites and those sites that maneuver on video content. This way you can appear completely different and attractive in Google results.


Of course, the more beautiful a website looks in search results and can attract users' attention, the more it will be possible to choose from the suggested results. Using Schema markup codes is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your site in Google search results. The only thing you need to pay attention to is how to use the schema to have a more attractive appearance in Google results. In this article from the Fa-host knowledge base, we tried to teach you the types of Schema tags and how to add Schema to the site with the help of various plugins.


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